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We are the 1st and the best insulation in bubble technology, foam technology and rigid phenolic insulation in Indonesia.


Aluminium Tape

Our Aluminium tape is the best in category which is tear resistant and fired retardant. Using glue that suitable for tropical.


Turbin Ventilator

Breakthrough design and material make your building breath freely.



New technology deliver smooth movement and use strong material.


Welcome to PT. SOLARTEK

PT Solartek are specialists in the installation and supply of industrial insulation. From design and consultation through to supply, repair and installation, we work to the very highest industry standards. All forms of insulation products are utilised including Isogenopac, PIB, Aliclad and H&V. Projects have included universities, hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, military buildings, accommodation blocks, sewerage plant and anywhere else where hot and cold water piping is needed. PT Solartek are your total solutions company for industrial lagging throughout the Indonesia.